My website is (finally) live!

September 29, 2017

At long last the day has come! After nearly three years without a website, this marks the launch of a new platform in which to promote my work, industry content and so much more.

This website launch is far overdue. For a while I've been dreaming of my own space for which to promote my personal work to friends, colleagues and others. That being said, this is not a portfolio website.

This is a platform.

A platform for promoting industry knowledge, announcements, tips, tricks and for sharing my own trials and tribulations from my professional experiences in the field. From interview etiquette and running your own usability tests to building out a scalable product taxonomy, I will be dedicated to generating fresh content on a regular basis to form a reliable source of knowledge for UX practitioners. Here, you will also find solid templates, backed by tried-and-true methods which you can immediately put to use.

This blog is intended for start ups, CMOs, marketers, researchers, UX designers and other interested individuals within the digital space.

Thanks for reading! Check out my site, drop me a line, and stay tuned. I'm excited for what lies ahead. 


Devin is a seasoned UX Designer, Researcher and practicing Information Architect. He designs enterprise-level experiences for big brands and provides consulting services and hourly support. He regularly writes about user experience, research best practices and helpful ways to define information architectures.