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I work with individuals, start ups & others to provide UX consultancy packages and hourly support. Let's work together on strategy, research or anything else you need to begin improving your product today.

60 Minute Strategy Call – $120

Tell me all about your product, your users (if you know them) and issues you're having. I will not only walk you through how to tackle each issue but I will help outline the steps you can take to improve your product that same day. Afterwards, you'll get an outline of everything we discussed, including a product improvement roadmap so you can stay on track.

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Product Evaluations – $500

With a comprehensive product evaluation, I will stack your product against a set of tried-and-true usability guidelines to evaluate its effectiveness in each category. You'll get a full report of issues found, along with recommendations for how to improve your product in your next release. Not sure which to fix first? Don't worry, I prioritize all findings in a fashion so you'll know what to put on your radar first and what to budget for next.

Evaluate Your Product

UX Research & Testing – $2,500-$5,000

While evaluations above are fantastic for making immediate improvements, sometimes we need to roll up our sleeves and really empathize with users to understand where & why they're actually having problems. Let's get in front of your end users through interviews & usability testing. Once we're done, you'll get one or both of the following:

User Interviews: Themes Analysis & Feature Recommendations
Usability Tests: Full Test Report & Improvement Roadmap

Meet Your Users

Custom Project – $5,000+

If you have something in mind which doesn't nicely fit into the above categories, that's okay too! We can work together on anything from a design workshop, in-house training session, analytics review, information architecture audit to a full website redesign project.

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Hourly Support – $800/month

Many of my clients have their own teams which already do great work & simply need a set of UX eyes to be an advocate for their users. I will devote a bucket of hours just to you to help in whatever capacity you need. From evaluations, to wireframes, to testing & analysis, I will be an honorary member of your team during that time! 

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